Anna And The Sistine Chapel

Anastasia was my best friend. I met her in Rome. I was there on a four day vacation. I
just needed a break. Little did I know I would be exhausting myself instead of relaxing –
but who goes to Rome to rest – silly me! We met looking up at the Sistine Chapel

We were both there on our own, Ana is from New Zealand and I am from Ireland and
somehow we just connected as if we had been neighbors or friends all our lives. Ana
was and is a health freak. Super into her juicing, veganism, meditation, yoga, essential
oils. She told me she loved Tea Tree oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics and put me onto it. I am literally
addicted to it, I can see why she likes it so much.

Ana is super healthy and has rubbed off on me. Since meeting her at the Sistine Chapel
that wonderfully fateful day – I myself have now become a Vegan and I am just loving it.
She is one of those super positive people that just rub off on you.

So I was literally just standing there marveling at the wonder of this ceiling. The ceiling
was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. It was painted at the commission
of Pope Julius II. Central to the ceiling decoration are nine scenes from the Book of
Genesis of which the Creation of Adam is best known. It’s majestic!

Ana and I bumped into each-other while we were both looking up and that was it. We
started talking and I was taken in. She was so bright and colorful and was just so positive
and happy. We did the rest of the tour together and then we decided to go out for Pizza
after. We both discovered that we had come to Rome because it had been our bucket
lists and that we had both come over for a short break. She was and is still in PR and I
was in and am still in Marketing. She was wearing a blue jacket and blue hat, I was
wearing a yellow jacket and yellow hat. She has a daughter called Belle and I have a
daughter called Bethany, the parallels were uncanny! We talked and talked and ate and
ate! We spent the last two days together. It’s like once we had met, we couldn’t leave
each-others side. It was like we were long-lost sisters.

Since meeting her almost four years ago now, I have been to New Zealand twice. She
has been to my home in Ireland. On the last trip to New Zealand I brought my daughter
along to meet her daughter and low and behold they got on like a house on fire. Its like
we had all been a long lost family.

We stayed in her home which was just beautiful and was a true reflection of her
positivity. There were home-made lotions and potions everywhere and we all got into
created home-made creams and home-made jams – you name it, it was home-made.
When she came to Ireland, I took her to a place near Galway where you can make your
own perfume from scratch. She just loved it. A true friendship this was and long may it
last. Here’s to my friend Ana and the Sistine Chapel.

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