Meta Brain Conversations: Cafe Coffee

My brain likes to talk with itself. I don’t mean that I talk to myself. I mean that different parts of my brain talk to each other and argue. It mostly argues about nonsense or things that I have to do that day. I don’t confuse this with reasoning because that would imply that I am doing something reasonable. I am not. You should hear what goes on up there, its not at all like having a regular thought. No. it is a dialogue, a heated discussion, an argument. It shouldn’t be but one part of my brain is trying its very best to be the logical one but the other one is too busy being facetious and sometimes sarcastic to sound reasonable though it makes some good points of its own. I once had a friend tell me that the inside of my mind must look like a cartoon or a Dr. Seuss book. I don’t think she is wrong, and I think this illustrates that quite nicely.

The conversation will go something like this: Brain One: “You should bring your coffee to work because there is no coffee left in the office and you don’t want to buy coffee.” Brain Two: “That sounds like a good idea but how am I going to transport it, hmmm? Didn’t think about that, didja!” Brain One considers this. “Yes, it wouldn’t be a good idea to walk around with an open mug and I don’t have a thermos in which to transport the coffee… Perhaps put the coffee grounds and sugar in a little plastic baggy, put that in the mug, put all of that in your purse and be on your way? It’s so simple!” Brain Two: “Sure, if you think that simply you will come up with dumb ideas! Where is the milk going to come from? There isn’t any at the office” Brain One: “Do you really need to add milk? You only use a little bit anyway. Maybe you won’t notice the difference” Brain Two: “You ask me this every time there is no milk and I try it and I don’t finish it. It’s a waste! Either we have milk, or we don’t have coffee” Brain One: “Maybe just buy milk! Did you ever think of that?!” Brain Two: “If I’m buying more milk, I might as well buy coffee, you fool!” Brain One: “Don’t call me a fool, you fool! I’m just trying to avoid buying things we don’t need!” Brain Two: “by suggesting we buy something we don’t need?! Fool”.

Brain Three chimes in meekly out of nowhere: “Um, hey guys? It sounds like you’re well on your way to just buying the coffee from a coffee shop… You gave it your best shot. Go buy coffee.”

Brains One and Two look at each other: “We buy coffee? We buy coffee.”

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