Purple Shampoo

When you take a look at the hair care aisle at the supermarket or pharmacy, there are so many options out there. It is like that famous Seinfeld gag about cold medication: “this one’s quick-acting, that one’s long-lasting… hmm. When do I need to feel good – now or later?”

But all jokes aside, there are tons and tons of products out there. The beauty and cosmetics industry is a 12 billion dollar business. Amazing numbers, huh? I think so. Many cosmetics companies sell you some pretty bad products, let me tell you. People are buying all kinds of products to counter the effect of their other products. It seems crazy to me.

I dye my hair on a regular basis, a few times a year. Been doing this for a long while. I love to experiment with color, but this past year was mainly a blonde year. I adore the golden blonde color which I have, and I almost always dye it at home. It works. Yes, I know, a salon may produce better results, but I am so far very happy with my own work. Well, me and a friend (I have very long and thick hair, and it takes several tubes of color sometimes, de


pending on the brand).

Whenever I have blonde hair for more than a few months, I start using purple shampoo about a month after dying. Sometimes I plan to, sometimes I just use it because I feel it is needed. The purple dye in the shampoo helps the dye job stay more nicer-looking for a longer period of time. This is my case, and your mileage will invariably vary (see what I did there?). I found out that it also works for natural blondes. Apparently, it helps give their natural hair more of a kick. It is not as essential for them, I guess, but because brassy colors can also be gained from the elements and by harmful hair care products, it is possible for natu

ral blondes to use purple shampoo (Reviewed By Maple Holistics) for the same reason I do.

Not all brands are the same. Some are more natural than others. Some contain the very same harmful ingredients which can cause the hair and scalp to unbalance. It is a vicious circle, isn’t it? This is by no means 100%. Some hair and scalps are more sensitive than others. What affects one person a certain way, will have no effect whatsoever on the other. Heck, there are some blondes out there who don’t ever experience brassy hair, and who never have to deal with any kind of interference. Pretty sweet, huh?

Well, I am not one of those. When I dye my hair, I want to keep it that color. After all, I didn’t spend money on dye just to have it stick around for a few weeks and then turn on me, did I? No no, certainly not. This is probably the only thing I don’t like about summer. The sun is awesome, but it can strip my hair good.

I hope you enjoyed the read, come back soon: