AK-47 And M16

Give peace a chance is an age old adage we constantly scream at rallies and other such events but why do we never achieve it? I tend to think the reason we don’t is because we humans don’t realize that good ideas change policy, weapons do and in particular guns and shotguns. Look at any army and they will be armed not with flowers but with AK47’s and M16’s. These two rifles are staples of militaries around the world. The purpose of these militaries is to keep the piece. The more leaders realize the futility of our existence the more they want to try to control the inevitable. What I mean to say is that they hoard ammunition and shotguns for the expressed goal of having power, power which is really inconsequential in the grand scheme of things but makes these leaders of the free world feel better about their existence.

I myself got into all this mess when I enlisted into the US Army. I was a fresh faced 18 year old high school graduate that wanted to see the world and help where I could. It was just my luck that 9/11 occurred and we decided to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. So after boot camp and learning how to shoot a rifle I was sent on a plane to the Middle East, a place so foreign to me that I would joke about things I didn’t understand. I knew my training and was ready for anything that may have happened. The truth is more boring that fiction. You get stationed on guard duty holding your M16 which you can learn about on Gunivore.com and you sit there waiting for something to happen. As a young gun I was hoping something would happen and really it never did. Now that I am older I can solemnly say I am happy nothing did. I have friends who got injured and even killed in action and frankly it makes me sad to think about and makes me wonder what could have been.

When I got home from service I decided to go to college for political science. I wanted to understand the nature of politics and how it spells out the world we live in. It is a complicated mess of relationships and shit eating grins that allow the world to work in the way that it does. It is a power play and the ultimate game of chess. It involves savvy and know-how and more importantly it involves fire power in the form of cannons and tanks and handguns and rifles. It is fear that allows things to take control and there is not much one can do about it. So I have tried my best to help where I can and try to improve the world I live in. It is small steps towards a larger goal. Every day I wake up and wonder what the day will bring. Sometimes I know because I schedule other times it is up in the air.

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