The Glock 17 Is A Special Thing

When the Glock first came out, people were skeptical. There were some who went so far as to say it won’t survive even a short time. They said that no military, law-enforcement department, or government agency will want to purchase a “plastic gun” to use as a service side arm or backup gun.

Well, long story short, they were wrong. They were off by a lot. I mean, a lot. Glock is one of the best-known firearms manufacturers in the world, and Gaston Glock himself is still alive and kicking. So, there will always be naysayers and enemies. You need to stick to your guns – quite literally, in this case – even when there are those who rise up against you.

Glock continued their search for perfection, and it was not long before other countries, not just Austria, took notice of this gun and began making plans to purchase it. The Glock 17, which is the original full size 9mm pistol, has since undergone a few changes. There are several generations of Glocks available, each with its own differences and advantages. There is a reason why many first timers go with a Glock. It is easy to handle, easy to maintain, and easy to carry. If you are looking for a first-time gun, this is certainly one to consider.

There will always be those who claim you should not go with a polymer gun, but instead buy a metal frame. There are plenty of great guns which are metal, and they are indeed heavier, but they have a more substantiated and glorious tradition behind the. When you pick up something like a SIG Sauer, you know that you are getting something really good. THIS is a gun. Right? Well, maybe. Some still say Glock is a plastic gun, and that it is not worth the money.

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